Monday, April 23, 2012

project 52.13


The holidays have become new to me since y'all have come along.  

I have always loved holidays but now, they are magical.  

I love decorating for them.  And finding themed desserts to make.  And buying little gifts. In fact, the day y'all came home from the NICU, we loaded you up and drove to get our Christmas tree.  I absolutely 

We typically take a trip to the mountains to get our Christmas tree but we were quarantined and couldn't go out in public.  So, we loaded you up and the three of us sat in the car while your daddy picked out the tree at a local stand. You had no idea what was going on...but it was so much fun to do this as a family of four.  

It's so fun to be a mom during holidays.  It feels like I have the ability to make it something big.  And, oh we're going to go big.  To allow the suspense to build in the weeks to come and  decorate the mess out of the house and do every Easter dessert pinned on my "Easter" board and just celebrate life to the fullest with y'all. 

I can't wait to make the holidays magical for you. We're gonna do it up right.