Tuesday, January 31, 2012

weigh in | january goals.

It's the last day of January [insane!], which means I better check in on my goals for the month.

I loved having goals for the month of January.  It really kept me focused on a few things and I think I was able to accomplish a lot more since I had them written down.  I will be continuing this!

Okay, let's see how I did:

Make two presents ::: check!

(I've decided to show the gifts I make even though family and friends read my blog.  I'm just not going to tell who will be receiving the gift!)

The first gift is letters cut out of books.  My sister was making some of these as gifts and when she showed me her plans, I knew I wanted to make some too!  The books came from Goodwill, we printed letters on the computer as our stencils and we enlisted our dad's help to cut out the letters using a band saw and a scroll saw.  Dad and Sidney cut while I took pictures, haha!  

I'll just show you one of the books because I don't want to give away who the gift is for.  But, I (really my dad and sister) did the first initial of a husband and wife and then the "&" to go in the middle.  I'm really excited to give this gift and thankfully it's a birthday gift, so I don't have to wait until December!  

The second gift is a necklace I saw on Pinterest. A navy version of this necklace is on Boden's website for $78!  I am so excited about this necklace and can't wait to give it in December!

Read Baby Wise ::: check! 

I really enjoyed reading this book.  I read it while I was pregnant but really felt like I needed a refresher since the boys have been born and I can actually apply it.  I'm not going to follow it to a T but I really think the main parts will help with keeping two boys on the same schedule and keep me from going insane!

Talk sweetly to Jordan :::  epic fail.  

I think I called it when I said, "I foresee this being a goal for February too".  It will most definitely be a February goal.  I will accomplish this goal, even if it has to be a goal every month for the rest of the year.  A friend that read my January goals sent me a link to a little project that might help me succeed at this goal.  I will post it later this month when I complete the project!

Finish thank you cards ::: I still have the rest of today!

Y'all.  I have been writing thank you cards for what seems like  Seriously.  I can't even begin to explain how blessed we have been since we found out the twins were coming.  It's insane.  And we are oh, so grateful.  Below is a batch that is ready to be mailed and I still have some left to write.  I was planning to definitely finish them today but I don't know that this goal is actually realistic at this point in the afternoon.  So, I will give myself one more week. I'm not giving myself until the end of the month because I will stretch it out as long as I can.  One more week.  I can finish these by next Monday!

  • Order planner ::: CHECK!
Y'all...I am in love!  I had decided to keep my calendar on my phone.  So I would have one less thing to carry around (every little bit that I can eliminate helps! especially since I'm carrying around double of so many things!).  

But, then I found out I was going back to work.  So, I knew I would need a planner to keep track of everything.  I knew I wanted an Erin Condren planner and I had been looking for a Groupon since last August!  I missed the one in July that gave you a $50 credit for $25 (which means half price on the planner!).  And they had one on PlumDistrict in October, but I was a little preoccupied at that point (bedrest and birthing babies) and I missed that one too!  So, I finally bit the bullet and just paid full price, using my Christmas money (which I'm VERY stingy with).  

Then, a week later, I found out that plans had changed and I wouldn't be going back to work.  


I had just spent $50 on a personalized planner (that I couldn't return) and now I didn't need it because I wasn't going back to work.  But, it came in the mail and I seriously LOVE it!  It's so great!  It keeps me organized and it's so cute!

  • Order canvas ::: CHECK!  
I will blog about this sometime this week!  
  • Learn about stabilizer ::: fail.
I've learned some things that I shouldn't do!  But I've yet to figure it all out!  I know it will take time, but I need to do a little research 
  • Clean out closet ::: CHECK!
Nothing like waiting until the last minute!  I started and finished this project yesterday.  And it just about killed me!  I have three huge trashbags full of yardsale items now!  (Yes, I'm going to have my first yardsale this year!  Jordan hates the idea...hehe :))  But, oh my goodness, it feels so good to have everything in it's place - I feel like I can breathe again!

  • Start couponing, again! ::: check-ish.
So, like I said earlier, my work situation has kind of been a roller-coaster.  But, now I'm not going back to work.  So this is like crucial. If not, we will be eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ramen noodles for the next five years.  I have started clipping coupons again.  I decided to use the binder method with the baseball card holders.  I've clipped and sorted my first stash of coupons - now I've just got to get to the grocery store to actually use them!

Okay, I think I did okay!  My plan is to really finish every goal that I set for the month.  I don't want this to just become a list of hypothetical goals.  So, I plan to be very selective for the month of February.  I will be posting my February goals tomorrow!

What about you?  Want to join me for February?  It's super fun to check them off, promise!


  1. Ok I never do this. Well, kinda, but not REALLY. I will be doing February goals.....I am so impressed with yours!

  2. Jordan is so blessed to have you as his wife and mother of his children! I just wished I lived closer! Great Ideas and goals! Keep up the great work! love and miss!!