Saturday, December 24, 2011

our new reality.

So, Jordan and I both have a little OCD when it comes to keeping things semi picked up and pulled together at our house.  Yes, we skip a few days here and there.  And our tubs aren't always scrubbed and the kitchen floor isn't mopped daily.  But, everything kinda has it's place and we both like for things to be put away.

Well....that is no longer our reality.

So, here's keeping it real.  A little video.  Just so I can remember what this has been like.  (And, the video cuts off at the end without me getting to the living room.  Which was one of the best parts.  But, I didn't have time to redo it.  It was time to feed the babies :))


  1. Can't watch it....ot says PRIVATE! Now come on, I've seen your house at its best and worst! :)

  2. Film again when the little men are toddlers and contributing to the downfall of the 'picked up and pulled together" state of mind. Not sure we ever recovered from it. Our laundry area was named "the black hole" and took on it's on zip code. :)

    Hopefully you'll figure it out better than we did. Loved the post! :)

  3. If you do actually manage to find some free time to learn how to knit, (I can't imagine you have any free time with 2 baby boys) "Stitch'n Bitch" is a fabulous book with idiot-proof explanations.

  4. Hey Jessie! I actually have that book and I've never used it! I'm glad you told me that! I'll have to find it and start there!

  5. Okay- first if you video any household that has a new baby (you have 2!!!!!!) it looks like this or worse. I have four children and always refer to the first monthes as just trying to survive. Second- I was reading your mother-in-laws blog yesterday and she posted a picture of you. You look absolutely gorgeous. Motherhood definately agrees with you. And how the heck did you get so skinny after having those babies. Anyway I am just a random "stalker" and think you have a sweet family and love to follow your blog. And those babies are just adorable. Love their names too. Enjoy every second because it all goes by sooooo fast.