Tuesday, August 16, 2011

spaghetti sauce.

Last Thursday my sweet mom and aunt spent the night working their butts off just for me.  We canned spaghetti sauce.  We picked the tomatoes after work and spent the night canning 24 quarts of spaghetti sauce.  This year I've not really felt up to canning anything but spaghetti sauce was one thing I wasn't willing to give up for the year.  Thankfully my aunt and mom helped me whip out these 24 quarts.  I am so thankful for their help!  And this yummy spaghetti sauce :)

Speaking of my mom, she texted me this today.
Gotta love The Help :)


  1. Your spaghetti sauce was GREAT at the beach. So glad they were willing to help you can it again this year!

    LOVE the text...and it's true! You IS!!!!

  2. This makes me want to can something! YUM. Thanks for the inspiration. :)