Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what i wore wednesday [edition 2.0]

I made it back for another What I Wore Wednesday post!

I know it's crazy that I'm taking pictures of myself every morning, but it really has made me work a little harder - I try not to always go straight to my cardigans and black dress pants now!

I'm trying a new way of doing this today.  I think I like it a little better :)
[You can click on any of the collages and they get bigger].

But, keep in mind, I'm normally taking these pictures at 5:50 or 6:00 in the morning.
So the lighting is terrible.
And I've just gotta go with what I get, since I'm getting ready to leave for work and don't have time to play around with taking different pictures. 

Maybe I'll figure out a more creative way?  But at this point, I'm just happy that I'm remembering to take a picture everyday :)

Thursday is our dressdown day at work.  So I always try to take advantage of that.
And, don't you love that I just said I don't resort back to my cardigan and then BAM, first day in, I'm in a cardigan! Ha!

You'll realize as you go through this week that my sister-in-law Katie pretty much accessorizes me.  She always gets me jewelry for my birthday and that collection is by far, the cutest in my stash!  I'm terrible about picking out jewelry but she's so good at it!

This is my uniform all Spring and all Fall.
Seriously.  Long-sleeved shirts and shorts are my absolute favorite.
So I take advantage of it any time I can!

I bought this cardigan and my brother was with me.  He couldn't understand why I would want to buy a rag :)
I didn't feel too bad since he had just vetoed my mom on a "rag" that she was wearing the night before!

And the boots were actually a gift from my Bon Bon.  I'll have to tell yall about her sometime :)  She's the best.  Everyone needs a Bon Bon.  Promise.

Wow.  Definitely slacked off this day.  What can I say?  It was a Monday!

My mom and I went to San Diego in January.  I had a business trip and drug her along.  Of course the weather was gorgeous there so they had their Spring clothes out.  My mom treated me to a couple of outfits :)  I'm so excited to finally get to wear those outfits here now, since it's Spring! 

This is actually a dress but it looks like a skirt and top :)  Love that.  No tucking my shirt in my underwear [thanks for the trick, Mom] and tugging on it all day long as it tries to slip out of the skirt!

Okay, that's all!

Who's going to join me this week over on Lindsey's blog?


  1. I love the last two dresses, so adorable! I really need the last one, I am loving ruffles these days!

  2. Love, love, love that last dress! It looks great on you (:

  3. I love your last dress. Totally thought it was 2 pieces. Oh- and your shorts pic has me inspired to get back to working on my after baby thighs- you are beautiful!

  4. i love long sleeves with shorts, too! so classic and cute!

  5. you have the best style...i seriously love ALL your outfits! i haven't participated in wiww for a few weeks, and you make me want to get back into it. your blog is so cute too. i think i just might have to follow :)

  6. I love the maroon Gap dress. Super cute! Visiting from WIWW. :)

  7. I love all of your outfits! :-)

  8. I loved the dress you wore on Wednesday. Did you get that recently from Ross?? Thanks!! :)