Friday, March 11, 2011

i wanna....

I feel like my mind has been running 400 miles a minute lately.
There are so many things on my "want to do" list.  
I get so excited.
About such a wide range of things.
That sometimes I get frustrated that I'm not doing any one thing 100%.
Because I'm so into everything at only a little percent.

So, for today, let's start with one thing.

I wanna do this.

Like for real.

Who wants to do it with me? 


Warrior Dash
Huntersville, NC
August 27, 2011
An insane obstacle course

I saw it here and here, two of my favorite blogs by the way.

Happy Friday, Y'all!


  1. Good grief are. a. beast of a DIL! I will come cheer you on though!

  2. I'll send Courtney and Ash to represent.