Thursday, March 31, 2011

burpcloth lollipops.

Okay, so What I Wore Wednesday never happened last night.
I know you were all anxiously awaiting that post.  Ha!

Actually, we spent last night watching the movie 127 Hours.
It was amazing! 
It's about the guy that was mountain biking by himself and while walking through one area, a rock fell on his arm and trapped him for 127 hours!  He almost died but ended up cutting his own arm off to get free.
It's a true story! 
You should watch it.
But, be warned, the language is bad.  And the arm being cut off is pretty gruesome.

Okay, now that we've talked about a man cutting his own arm off, let's move on to burpcloth lollipops.
How's that for transition?

My friend, Kate, also ordered these.

I embellished some organic, Gerber cloth diapers and made them burp cloths!
Here are some pictures of the burpcloths:

Then, I made the burpcloths into lollipops!
The lollipop "stick" is actually a baby spoon :)
Cute, and useful!

A friend told me that burpcloths were one of her favorite gifts when her daughter was born.  She said she used so many of them every day!  So this has become my choice of baby gift for any shower I go to!

I'd love to make you some!  If you're interested in placing an order, let me know :)


  1. Adorable! How long does it take to get them once they are ordered? How much?

  2. Seriously-I want to grow up and be creative like you! But knowing you totally counts :) I'm awaiting your Etsy shop-it's my new favorite thing to browse!

  3. You know, you just gave away the spoiler to that movie ;) i doubt people will be watching it now! :0

  4. I didn't see the movie, but I had heard all about it and actually saw him tell the story on one of the news no spoiler for most people. I think the world knows all about it!

    LOVE these burp cloths!!!!!!!!!!