Monday, February 14, 2011

[sneak peek].

I had a senior shoot on Saturday for a sweet girl named Jordan.
We did the shoot at the same location of Whitney and Geoff's Engagement shoot.

Funny story - she had emailed me about the shoot and for some reason, I automatically assumed she was a boy.  We emailed back and forth a few times and "he" was always pretty enthusiastic.  Which is rare for a guy for a senior photoshoot.  Normally moms are calling to plan everything and the guy is dragged there kicking and screaming :)  So when we finalized the details "his" last email ended with "Thanks sooooo much!!! I'm sooo excited!!".

I told Worker Man I was pretty excited that a guy would be that excited over his senior portraits. 

I didn't figure out "he" was a she until I arrived at the location and told a man that I was looking for Jordan.  I told the man that "he" [Jordan] told me to meet "him" here.  And the man asked if I had talked to "her" dad.  It still didn't click so I mentioned something about "him" again and he finally said, "I'll just call her, I know she is down there getting ready".  

And it hit me, Jordan was a girl. 
Whoops - lesson learned, no more assuming genders :)

Enough talking :)


  1. SHE is beautiful...great story!! Only You!!! :)
    I love ALL of these but especially the first one!!! Great job!!

  2. These are very good! Great job once again.

  3. Too Funny!
    Great pictures, she is adorable!