Wednesday, February 2, 2011


One day last week I got to work and talked to one of my friends for a few minutes, went and said good morning to my boss, talked with her for a few minutes then went back to work in my office. 
I went back in her office around 9:30 that morning.

She looked at me all funny, cocked her head to the side and asked....

"Do you realize you've got two different earrings on?"

I ran over to the mirror, and sure enough.

Two different earrings.

I go back to my friend and beg to know why in the world she didn't tell me?!?

Her response? 

Well, I just thought I was getting old and didn't know that was in style.

Nope, last time I checked - I still look like an idiot with two different earrings in.

[My boss could've just as easily looked at me funny and said, do you realize your hair looks terrible?  because, ahem, it.looks.terrible.  AND apparently when I take my picture with my phone in the sweet work bathroom - my left eye spazzes out.  What is that all about?  Sheesh.]


  1. I hate I missed all that excitement that morning. You crack me up!

  2. Her response sounds like something I would say...just thought I was old and that was in style!! Funny!

  3. ha!!! im cracking up at us again... and it DID look like it could have been deliberate. people did that in the 80s (which i sadly remember). either way, it would be impossible for you to NOT look cute

  4. You are SOOO your mother's daughter!!!

    I rushed out of school today in order to making it to a meeting at the county office. Being caught with questions before making it out the door, of course- I got to the meeting fashionably late!

    Upon entering- I realized someone from our school was already there and the meeting was not for principals but for the title 1 teachers- soo, being me (or you) I waved hello and walked past them all and went into an empty office wher I stayed for about 3 minutes to soak in what a total idot I am!!

    Then to master the exit-- (in true Eddie Murphy style) I walked out quickly (as though on a mission) -once again waving at my friends from across the county and walked up the stairs to the main offices as though I was needed there for official business!!

    Upstairs they all wondered why in the world I was randomly there on a Thursday afternoon at 3:30 for no apparent reason!

    The only good thing I can think of about the whole ordeal is that -- I had on matching earrings !!!


    How can you notice anything but those orange bathroom stall doors.

    I miss all the good days in Watlington!