Wednesday, January 5, 2011

peanut butter, jelly.

Okay - let me preface this by telling you I love Trader Joes.

And I love trying anything new from there.

So when I was there a few weeks ago I grabbed some organic peanut butter since I was out of pb and saw it on the shelf.  I wondered if it would be a lot different than JIF or PeterPan but I figured it'd be worth a shot.

So yesterday I opened the jar for the first time to make a sandwich at lunch.

When I opened it, there was about 2 inches of oil sitting on the top.

Knew that I would have to mix it up.

But oh my gosh.

The most difficult thing ever!

And messy.

Seriously - I stirred and stirred and couldn't get it right.  So I brought my friend in the breakroom and she stirred and stirred, only to realize there was another 2 inches of oil separated on the bottom of the peanut butter. 

After trying and trying - I finally slapped some hard/oiless peanut butter on my sandwich.

And made my final decision.
To the trash.
I hate to be wasteful - but I knew it was going to be a huge process everytime to make a sandwich and it was such a mess!

So - I think I'll go back to PeterPan now.


  1. Awww... sad. I <3 me some all natural pb. There is a way to do it with out the mess, I've done it (but only like 3 times in my entire life).

  2. Too funny! It was a true mess and I'm glad I was there to witness it in person! :)

  3. Ha Ha! I laugh because Mike tried it too!!!!!

  4. Hi Jenny...just visiting blogs and found yours thru your MIL! I really had to laugh at your post! I went through the same thing! It is totally not worth the trouble. You really think you are doing the right and healthy thing but I'll take the Peter Pan over that mess any day!

  5. It was great seeing you girls today. Hope I didn't scare you both to death, when I said that I read your blogs. :) They are both super cute!!! Have a great day!

  6. I cant leave you and Julie alone for a minute! I can only imagine the rauckous ya'll caused.

  7. Don't give up on TJ's peanut butter!!! I love their stuff, and yes you have to work a little, but I have a tip ;-). I just found your blog while blog-hopping, and I just couldn't help myself! I have no idea how blogs work, so you may never get this.... So, my mom taught me to turn the stuff on its top for a few days. It causes the oil to go through the PB, and end up near the bottom (now the top) of the container. You still have to stir it, and it can still make a little bit of a mess, but it helps, and it is so totally worth it. The natural stuff is soooo much better for you (no palm oil!!) and tastes sooo much yummier! Don't give up!!!