Monday, November 8, 2010


Public Service Announcement:  I have like the oiliest hair known to mankind.

Seriously, I wash it in the morning and each night it's already starting to look oily.  

And yes, oily = gross.

So there is absolutely no way I can go anywhere without a hat on if I don't wash my hair every single day.

This makes me super jealous of all the women who actually have hair that looks better when it's not been washed for a day or two.  But, alas, I am not one of them.

In high school I learned this little trick of using baby powder in your hair.  This takes the oily look away. But, I was always a little grossed out by it.  Just because I like for my hair to feel clean. 

Yes, I'm weird.

But I'm assuming you've already figured that out.

So I rarely - I mean like twice in my life, have ever used this so called "trick".

Yesterday being one of them.

Worker Man and I decided, kinda last minute, that we wanted to go to the early service at church.  And there was no time for washing my hair. Well, unless we were going to be late - which, by the way, I absolutely despise to be late to church.

So I remembered this little trick from high school and busted out the baby powder. It actually worked really well. [Except for the whole I don't like my hair to be gross thing.] So, since it was working so well, I just kept shaking until it finally looked like it needed to.

So we get to church and pick our seats.   And right before the service started, a family walks in and needs a seat.  So we move down like 5 seats.  And I end up sitting right under a vent.  And by vent, I mean I felt like I was in a tornado.

So all of the sudden I start getting these ridiculous whiffs of baby powder.  And yes, I love the smell of baby powder just as much as the next guy.  But holy cow!  It was strong.  I mean like over-the-top strong.

Thankfully no one was sitting on the other side of me.  Which was the direction in which the massive wind gusts were blowing.  

Well that is until our friends arrived late and came to sit beside us.  

Daniel sits next to me and I'll tell you, all I could focus on was the fact that he kept kinda looking around and sniffing.  And eventually kept his hands kinda, nonchalantly over his nose the rest of the service.

I caught the "you need to be a better wife" part of the message, but only between the ridiculous breaths of baby powder and the anxious anticipation that he might figure out my secret and realize that I was the one with half a bottle of baby powder in my hair.

Lesson learned.


  1. You crack me up! I've tried the trick before and horror of horrors, I've actually used it on my 3-month old! His hair gets stinky 10 minutes after washing it and who wants to give a baby 10 baths a day, let alone one? The problem is that his hair turns a strange shade of gray, making my "trick" not so subtle.

    Thank goodness your baby powder didn't start blowing "out" of your hair. I thought for sure you were going to say it landed on your shoulders like dandruff or blew into your friend's eyes. Sorry it didn't work out so well.

  2. Great way to start my day JenJen. I'm still laughing. Luv U, BonBon

  3. So now...I think they might make a spray on powder not sure. My hair was just like yours...until it turned it's dry, curly and white.

    This cracked me up completely. I kept thinking to myself...Seriously how much did she use to fog the pew like that? This is definitely a Less is More 'trick'.

  4. Hilarious! It could have been much worse, there could have been puffs of baby powder blowing in the wind!

  5. sister,
    can i just say...we truely are sisters.
    my roommate thinks im so weird because i take SO many showers, so yesterday i went and worked out and didnt have time to shower before college life.
    so i dig through her stuff and find her dry shampoo to hold me over until later when i had more time.

    haha you should invest in that stuff.
    its way better than baby powder!
    love ya!

  6. My hair dresser told me that if you wash it less, it will eventually not be as oily the second day. However, my question that my hair dresser still hasn't answered is - what am I supposed to do while I'm waiting for biology to take it's time so my hair's less oily?

  7. I laughed out loud! I will get you a can of spray for you. These are things you share with your hairdresser:)
    Love ya!