Tuesday, November 2, 2010

they have it out for me.

 on saturday morning worker man and i headed over to the taj get a little work done.
worker man was driving and i was sitting in the passenger seat.

and yes, apparently i felt the need to clarify that is were i would be sitting.
like he typically chauffers me around or something.
which now that i'm thinking about, might be kind of fun.

i might just propose that this week.
i'll let you know how it goes.

okay, track.

anyway, as i'm sitting in my well-clarified passenger seat, i look over and guess what i saw.

no seriously, guess.

can you tell from this picture?

 a rotten banana.

why would i put that in the passenger door?  when i hardly ever ride over there?

what is my deal with bananas?
i mean can't this experience.
and this experience be enough?



  1. .......girl, those bananas and you HAVE to stop meeting like that!!!!!