Monday, November 22, 2010


Growing up we have always made little snack cornucopias for Thanksgiving.
My mom made them every year for me, my brother, and my sister to take to school the week of Thanksgiving.  I always hoped there would be a few left at the end of the day because they were always better once they had sat out for a little while.  My sister remembers hoping for this too!

All you use are Bugles, Trix and cream cheese frosting to make them:

My sister is a freshman in college and we were texting back and forth a few weeks ago about how amazing these things were. 

Last weekend, I had a sleepover with my three "soul friends" from college.  So, since I was going to be in Raleigh, I made some for Sidney and planned to surprise her.

Well after tracking her down like a crazy person, I finally delivered the goods :)
But I forgot to ask her to take a picture.

So I asked her to take one and send it to me.

The next day, I opened my inbox and had nine attached pictures all displaying the love of the cornucopias:

I'm thankful for her.

And cornucopias.