Friday, November 12, 2010


Do y'all keep a wishlist?

I do.  Of totally random things.  For example, the other day FMIL asked me what was on my wishlist.  I told her that it was ridiculously long.  Filled with random items.  So she asked me to read it to her.  We were on our way to Charlotte and had plenty of time.  One of my wishlist items is an Exacto knife.  So I read it and she busted out laughing.  She said, seriously??  Like a $3 knife thingy from Walmart?

Yes.  I keep a list of even the smallest things. It's weird, I know.

In fact, I've hinted to Worker Man multiple times that the wishlist is in the "Notes" App on my iPhone.  Just in case he is wanting to pick me up a little treat and needs a good idea.  He hasn't caught on to the hints yet. 

But anyway, I recently came across two items that had to be added to my wishlist.  How cool are these?!?

1.  The Canon Lens Mug

2.  A Lens Cuff Bracelet [made from a recycled lens!]


  1. Haha an exacto knife! I love that!! Those two items are pretty dang cool if I do say so myself... I also give the better half hints... he still hasn't caught on either ;)

  2. I just saw the Canon lens mug this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oh my word. i lovelovelovelovelove it.

  4. Love that mug! Way cool! Hope Worker Man picks up on the hints soon. :)

  5. That mug is awesome! {I would be the one to probably pour coffee on my actual lens though, so I should steer clear}