Monday, October 18, 2010

may i suggest?

are you in the mood for something holiday-ish?

this is it.

seriously.  go to trader joe's right now.
and purchase a can [or twelve] of gingerbread coffee.

they get gone fast so you better grab one while you can.

you won't be disappointed.
i promise.

it was a beautiful way to start my monday!


  1. jenny. THIS IS THE WAY YOU CAN HELP ME WITH MY NEW BABY. seriously. this coffee is my very favorite of ALL time. if you brought a canister of it to my house and sat and talked with me and held karis, i might get confused and think i was in heaven. :) SERIOUSLY. also, where are the before/after pics of the trailer... waiting anxiously... :)

  2. This made me salivate. I live in Florida and we don't have Trader Joe's here and it is an absolute travesty! It is the BEST!