Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kelle Hampton It.

Do you ever plan for your weekend to be fabulous only to be disappointed Sunday night?  Like you think of all the fabulous things you're going to do for the weekend.  And in your head you concoct the perfect blend of relaxing and productive, funny and romantic, lazy and exhilarating.  It's like the perfect mix of everything that's going to happen.

Especially on Saturday.  You plan to get up early and go for a run.  Then come back and clean your house.  Have the floors mopped, the baseboards wiped down, three loads of laundry done, your bathroom sparkling, and your refridgerator cleaned out.  All before 10 a.m.  Then for the afternoon agenda, sew and finish your photography website.  Order business cards.  Start an Etsy store.  And clean out the attic. 

So all OCD dreams are fulfilled for the weekend.

But, simulatneously you expect the weekend to be relaxed and lazy and dreamy.  So you plan to sleep late and wake up to snuggle your husband for another half hour.  Then mozy into the kitchen and make a fabulous pot of coffee.  Do your quiet time on the screen porch while enjoying your coffee in a paisley mug with french vanilla creamer.  Then, you shower and get ready when you finally get to it and head out to....I don't know, that's where the dream gets fuzzy for me.  I got to Target and maybe to a couple of thrift stores.  Have a relaxing lunch, outside with a cool breeze and then wonder over to the bookstore to browse a bazillion different books.  It just makes sense.  

But then, Sunday night you realize that you've accomplished neither.  In trying to get everything done, you missed the opportunity to snuggle with your husband and enjoy your coffee.  And in being relaxed you totally stressed yourself out with your house is still being a wreck.

  Plus on Sunday night you realize that it's ridiculous to think that you'll clean your baseboards considering you haven't cleaned them in months.  [Don't be too grossed out].  Or that you'll actually finish your photography website that you've been working on for months.  Then you also realize that you don't really like to sleep late.  And that the cool breeze at an outdoor lunch?'s July.  Let's get real.

So, all of that to say...

Last Friday I showed up to work and had a twin.  And we had the whole conversation that I mentioned above.  So, we determined that in place of another weekend with ridiculous, unrealistic plans, we were going to Kelle Hampton it.

Oh you haven't heard of Kelle Hamptoning It?  Well, it's probably because we made it up.  But it's like saying that you're going to rock it. Except you're going to rock it time a bazillion.

Have you read Kelle Hampton's blog?  Well, first of should.
And, once you read it you'll quickly realize that you want to Kelle Hampton It too.  Because she always finds the positive in everything.  Like everything.

And does she put it?

Oh yeah, sucks the marrow out of life.

So, last Friday my "partner in crime" and I decided that we were definitely going to Kelle Hampton It.

When we left work, we both went home and painted our fingernails a shade of watermelon.  Yes, because Kelle Hampton did.  Well that and because it was going to be our visual reminder that we were going to suck the marrow out of life.  Even the little pieces.  Even when things are frustrating.  Finding a little thing.  That's so exciting.

And I went with the toes too.
Just for extra special measure.

It was a long weekend, ya know.

So, here's a little snapshot of my weekend.  Kelle Hampton style.

First a lazy Saturday morning. Check.
Quiet time with fabulous coffee on the front porch.

Looking at this across the street.
Could it be better?

We then moved on to green beans.
Picking, stringing, breaking, canning.

Talk about a ton of work!
But so worth it.
20 quarts :)

After canning green beans we went to the community 4th of July parade.
It was sweet.  Even though it only lasted 15 minutes :)

Once the parade was over, we docked the number one family get together with my dad's family.
Definitely ranked number one in the last few years.

We got together and had a cookout around 8:30 on Saturday night.  We planned the cookout around 7 that night.  Mom called all the aunts and said let's just throw everything together for a cookout right quick.  So we showed up at my grandpa's house with a hodgepodge of cookout items and a firepit for good measure.  I'd say the firepit definitely made it.  Homemade icecream, s'mores and a fire.  Could it get any better?

On Sunday afternoon we headed to the New River Trail in Virginia to bike along the river.
It was a twenty mile ride that was  Exhilarating and hard.  But amazing to feel the breeze on your face and just soak it all in.

Such a beautiful place.

Such a wonderful family.

Then, in continuing to be Kelle Hampton - esque, I found the joy even in getting car sick to the point of laying in the grass in front of KFC on a major highway.  But all was okay.  Because my wonderful mother photographed the event and my wonderful husband went back to the KFC counter three times to get my bland mashed potatoes just right.  How hard to mess up, right?   But, my sweet husband was willing to get everything just right.

Then on to fireworks.
Which were so much fun.  Sitting all in the back of the truck beds all lined up and the bag chairs all sat  out in front of the trucks.

What's crazy is that there are plenty of weekends I spend with my parents.  In this gorgeous setting.  With such a fun and love-filled family.  Doing so many fun things.  But how often do I truly suck the marrow out of this life?  This crazy, exciting but sometimes ordinary life?  Not enough.

So here's to Kelle Hamptoning It.

And, FYI, my nails are watermelon again this weekend.


  1. You know I love me some Kelle Hampton! What a great post....and so very true. I think I sucked the marrow out of yesterday but thanks to you, today will be a Kelle Hampton Day!

    Have a wonderful trip! I can't wait for ours!

  2. I'm excited about the canning bit... I just tried canning jams that I made. Do you do a hot water bath or pressure canning?

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  4. Love this blog entry! You are so right--it's important to slow down and cherish the little things.

  5. Dude, you rock. Seriously, I must meet you. Cannot stop laughing at you getting sick at KFC and rocking that out too. I'm like humbled and honored and smiling so big at this post. And I'm jealous of the canning. Always have wanted to do it but I'm afraid my cans won't seal and I won't know it until a year later when I eat a whole jar of beans and get horribly sick. Or maybe it's because I'd go to can and get everything set up and then my ADD would set in and I'd leave all my cans sitting there for my husband to clean up while I go find some chair to paint. Ha ha. You Jenny Lynn-ed it. That's Kelle Hampton + Bean Canning. A whole new level, you know.

    Rock it out, Girlfriend!!!

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  8. I ran across your blog and saw the picture of Pilot Mountain. I shop at Pilot Mountain Peddlers which is downtown. She has some of the neatest things in her shop!! I recognized your Uncle Andy and his family from years ago. Isn't it a small world. Take care and I'll definitely have to check out the Kelle Hampton blog!!

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  12. Anonymous 2, don't be ridiculous. When you have a blog your site stats tell you from which sites readers have been referred to your blog. Kelle simply checked her stats and saw that readers had come to her blog from the link in the above post. End of.

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