Tuesday, June 29, 2010


[please try to contain your jealousy of our gorgeous yellow countertops].

i'm always looking for new desserts.

i typically try a new dessert recipe and then make it over and over again for every unrelated party/shindig that we go to for like a month.
then we get sick of it.

so i look for a new recipe.

if you are anything like that....look no further!

i found the dessert.

i don't think i'll ever get sick of these.


holy moly.
they are divine.
i mean, like for real.
we'll probably eat these in heaven.

german chocolate cupcakes.
with hot, salted caramel squeezed into the middle of each one when they come out of the oven.
then homemade frosting.
then health bar smashed up and sprinkled on top.
then hot, salted caramel drizzled over that.

they are amazing.

you want the recipe?

no, really do you want it??

well...i guess i'll share my secret.
just because i love you that much.

just go here, to julie's blog.
that's fabulous.

but, be warned.
you will want to eat a million cupcakes.
and you'll fall in love with her blog.

and probably want to steal more project ideas from her blog.

i'm making something else from her blog now.
any guesses about what it is??


  1. The mirror? Are you doing the mirror?????????????

    Oh, and the cupcakes...FABULOUSx4...'cause that's how many I ate!

  2. this is just a reminder that you'll be seeing me tomorrow and heath bar is my favorite kind of candy bar. love you :)

  3. Thanks for the recipe. These were delicious and I cannot wait to make them myself.

  4. those look divine!!! i can't wait to bake some of my own!