Thursday, June 24, 2010

racoon holler.

a few weekends ago we went camping with some friends.
we had a blast!

i have been trying to get worker man to go camping since we started dating and he's always said it's not his thing.

i've also been trying to get him into biking which has again, "not been his thing".

well, then along comes daniel who loves to camp and mountain bike.
and now...worker man is all over it.

he's in love with both things.

i asked daniel if he could start to love to go shagging.
because apparently me thinking it's awesome isn't enough.
but when daniel thinks it's great, suddenly worker man doesn't think it's half bad either.

daniel's wife, ashley, and i decided we might be able to work something out.
if i just let her know what i want worker man to like, she can convince daniel to pretend to like it for a little while so worker man will start too!

not that i'm bitter or anything...


so, on to the camping trip.

because i had forty bazillion pictures, i just decided to make a collage for each day.

we spent our first day in boone.

we went to eat lunch at macado's, shopped at the mast general store, got coffee/icecream, got geared up for biking, and went grocery shopping.

we really had a lot of fun.

somehow day two and three got meshed into one collage.

we played lots of cornhole, went to another mast general store where they had a small bluegrass group [yay!], went to the trading post, ate at the daniel boone inn, played cards, played badmitton, rode bikes and just spent time hanging out.

it was so much fun.

we hopefully will be taking another trip soon.

[if you click on the college, it will open up so the pictures aren't so blurry].


  1. I love The Mast General Store. And CRUSH soda. And Corn Hole. And the man in the overalls.:) And Asheville. And the aqua bike. And the rocking chairs. Just PLEASE let me sleep in a Hampton.:)

    So glad yall had fun. Making a memory...that's what it's a ll about!

    GREAT photos. You must know a photographer!

  2. You have the best pictures! I love the collages.

  3. Always LOVED to camp. These pics brings back great memories. So glad you guys are going to have these times to look back on (when you get old and gray like me and your DonDon)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE photo collages! I kind of want to go camping now....or maybe just on a fun road trip with cool little breaks at fun places!