Monday, June 21, 2010


so yesterday we celebrated two of the most special men in our lives.

my dad.

my family came to our house for church and lunch and spent the afternoon with us.  it was so much fun.  we love to have them in our world :)

i am so thankful for my dad. 
for all that he means to me and for all that he does.

yesterday our preacher talked about fathers and the critical role they play in the family. 
the rock, the provider, the protector, the encourager, the responsible one.
and i must say, my dad hits the nail on the head.

he has always been an incredible father.  encouraging in all the right ways, providing in the ways our family needs, offering advice, providing incredible spiritual leadership, being a role model for us to look up to.  he truly is a man after God's heart.  and a dad that has always strived to show us how to be in relationship with our Creator.  i am so blessed to have him.

and worker man's dad.

we met all of worker man's family last night for supper.  to celebrate ffil.

he too is such a blessing in our lives.  he is so full of grace and acceptance.  he loves us for who we are.  i mean like really loves us for who we are.  like me, being me and worker man being worker man and fmil being fmil [etc.], adds pieces to his life that no one else could.  he soaks up the seconds we're all together.  living in the moment and just enjoying every second of every day.  he is one of the most determined people i've ever met.  just up and decides he's going to do a triathlon and goes for it - all out.  decides he wants to get into riding bikes...and works up to riding 10 and 20 miles in a day.  he's the adventurous one.  even wants to go skydiving with me!  he is always so much fun and i must mention...he's a pretty good cook too!

we are so so so thankful for the dads in our life.

they are both such role models for worker man and i must say, if worker man ends up like ffil and like my dad, someday my kids will have a pretty awesome daddy :)


  1. What a great post. You are blessed girl. You have two amazing dads in your life....not to mention two great moms!:) Thank you for loving us.

  2. Wow, what a humbling post. I am the blessed one because you guys make it easy for me. No doubt that God knew what kind of family to surround me with. Thanks for the kind words, and just so you know you make me better because of who you are.
    love you,ffil