Monday, May 24, 2010

the pros.

this weekend we went yard saling [?] with the pros.

worker man and i have tried to be yard salers but haven't been successful.
i think part of the problem could be that we head out around 9 and stop for breakfast.
we can never figure out why there are no good deals at 10.

so, the pros invited us to tag along on saturday morning.

they showed up bright and early.
6:45 am.
all smiles.
with their newspaper out and already circled.

worker man found a nice toy in the backseat to play with.
he mentioned that d's driving was like a nascar race.
so maybe this was fitting...

after hitting some yard sales, we stopped by biscuitville for breakfast.

and coffee, of course.

ummm...have you ever had biscuitville?
it's fabulous.

and, just a little side story for you:  my mom pulled through biscuitville one day [there's only one nearby them] and asked the lady if they had anything fat free.  i think the lady over the intercom waited for a few minutes, to see if she was joking, before saying..."umm..NO".  if any of you have ever eaten at biscuitville, you will know - nothing fat free is anywhere close to that place!

we got in and out, in and out.
looking and laughing and just having a good time.

we did buy a few things.
they got a futon.
A got a purse and a coffee maker.
i got a vase thingy for my bathroom and a tupperware cake carrier thingy.
so exciting!

we really had a good time.
it might just have to happen again :)

how was your weekend?


  1. I use to love to yard sale....It's like I felt the adrenaline rush when I drove up!!!!

    Check my blog for my weekend!

  2. ryan and i are having a yard sale at the end of july.
    you should definitely stop by...

    and bring me some coffee! :):)