Tuesday, May 11, 2010

md 2010 ctd.

when worker man and i got married, i knew i was marrying into a beautiful family.

full of love.
for one another.
but most importantly for Christ.

i knew that i was blessed.
that his parent's were wonderful.

but never did i imagine how instrumental this woman would be in my life.

she is such a blessing.

she provides just the right amount of advice at just the right times.
she loves me even though she didn't carry me around for 9 months.
she values my opinion and makes me feel important.
she listens.
like, really listens.

she's hilarious.
and stylish.

she's forgiving.

she sees past my many flaws.

she loves family.
and values that more than anything.

i am so grateful for her and for the invaluable relationship we have.

happy mother's day fmil!

we love you :)


  1. such a sweet tribute to an amazing fmil!

  2. beautiful family.....nothing else can be said.
    :) :)

  3. Wow! Thanks! I feel so special. But really, you are so easy to love. Truly you are. WE are the ones who feel blessed...after all, you live with Worker Man!

  4. wow what a wonderful post. how blessed i am to be married to fmil and i am the fil to such a great young lady. which happens to be talented in many ways, you are truly a blessing to our family. by the way dinner was you ffil

  5. That was so sweet, I would say she is pretty lucky too!

  6. how sweet! fmil certainly is an amazing woman. she is so kind! even my mom adores her based on blog comments!

  7. What a wonderful daughter-in-law you are! I am proud to be her mother and grandmother of worker man. Yes, she is pretty special and so are you! Love, NAnny