Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hump day highlights.


happy wednesday :)

here are a few of my hump day highlights.

my beautiful roses that a friend brought me last night.
her dad owns a huge rose garden business.
and she has a ton of rose bushes at her house.

hopefully i'll get a few of these throughout the summer :)

breakfast with my cute husband this morning.
and it was bruggers - which makes it so much better!

my boss sent me this picture on the way to work. 
then she asked, "could this be a sign of my day to come?"
so awesome.
wouldn't you love to drive that?

oh and highlight-to-be, eating mexican with barbie and ken for cinco de mayo!!

what are your hump day highlights?


  1. Well one of them is reading your blog! You do have a cute and sweet hubbie! I love the picture, sounds like you have a fun boss!