Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hump day highlights: edition worker man.

consider these my hump day highlights.

from the mouth of worker man over the past week or so...

1. i walked into the bathroom the other day and found worker man fixing his hair, standing in front of the full length mirror, in his boxers, singing "this is why i'm hot". i won't lie, it made my morning.

2.  my dad always tells me [along with my brother and sister] that he wouldn't trade us for a gold monkey. so, one night at supper i told worker man that i wouldn't trade him for a gold monkey. and he responds:

"babe, i wouldn't trade you for a gold monkey either!"

and after a few seconds of thinking:
"....well, i guess it depends on how big the monkey is"

3.  worker man came up with this plan that we should have to pay each other $5 from our allowances [thank you dave ramsey] if we say anything mean to one another.  this means we can only say something mean three times a week before we're in the hole. yes, our allowance is $15/week. 

be jealous.

so one night we're talking and he says, harshly, "no, dingleberry".

[umm...let's stop right there.  let me tell you, if i'm going to have to pay him $5 for saying something should be worth the $5. and is dingleberry worth $5? absolutely not.  but apparently that was the best he could come up with at the time]

then, as soon as it comes out - he immediately gasps, turns and grabs my hand and says,

"i mean, lovely dingleberry"

you think you've got the best husband?

i'd say i've got you beat :)


  1. i will say you've got a winner...but, after leaving my husband with our 3 children (4 and under) for the entire weekend i have to say "i have the best husband!" he was still smiling and the house was still standing when i returned home LATE sunday night :)


  2. I have the best hubs too...but worker man IS a funny one...."this is why I'm hot" made me laugh!!!!!!!!!