Monday, March 1, 2010

this one time.

not long after worker man and i got married, my college roommate's grandpa passed away.

the funeral was about three hours away but we really felt like we should go.  so that saturday morning we headed out.  well, my college roommate [aka. raleigh] had no idea that we were coming.

since the family visitation was taking place before the funeral and we wanted to get there in time to talk to her and her family.  when we walked in, i immediately made eye contact with raleigh across the room.  she burst into tears and i burst into tears. 

[cue sappy music].

i think, in that moment, i realized that we would be there for each other forever.  my mom and her college roommate are that way and i always looked forward to having someone like that in my life.  the person that you could call at 2 a.m. if something was wrong.  the person that you would always have girls weekends with.  the person that will always come when you have a baby.  the person you raise kids with.  even if it's across the state.  i realized, that raleigh was my person.

so while all that was running through my head, i was watching her and crying and walking through the line.

and bam.

i walk straight into a wall.  with my head turned.  which means i literally slammed my entire body and side of my face into a wall.

raleigh turned to her mom and said, "jenny's here!".


  1. Nothing like a bog old *HELLO, I'm Here* to let people know you have arrived.

    P.S. We happened upon the barbecue restaurant yesterday that you went to last week...the one that was closed. I screamed *Oh My Word*!!!!

  2. i laughed/cried/convulsed at this!

    (my boss, of course, walked right by with me having these fits. awesome timing.)

    love you :)

  3. you are too funny! glad you have such a special friend, they definately make life much sweeter!

  4. .....he tried the yogurt Sunday...said he liked it. We got it at Costco!