Wednesday, March 24, 2010

sport two.

worker man and i were at my parent's home on sunday afternoon. 

my brother was home this past week for spring break and when he was walking out the door on the way back to school, my dad spotted a groundhog in the backyard.

so my brother dropped his last bag he was loading in his car.
left the door standing wide open.

and ran to grab his equipment.

look at that serious face!

all three of the guys.

he went out on the deck to get a better position.

and....he missed.

but it sure was fun to witness all the action!

aren't you jealous of all the sports that take place at my family's house?!?


  1. OHH...I thought you were going to say he got it...and that your dad maybe COOKED it...or put it's head in the freezer!!:) By the way, when you linked to sports, I was hoping it would link to the head in the freezer!

  2. I thught you were going to talk about Colby's haircut. What a cutie he is. Just a normal Sunday aftenoon in Shoals.

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