Monday, March 29, 2010

old - take two.

so do you remember the story i told you a few weeks ago?

well this weekend my sister and i were shopping and we went to get her makeup done.  the lady that was doing it got confused because she thought we were twins. this got us talking about how so many people think we look alike but we don't see it at all.

so she starts telling me about some of her friends getting pictures of us confused and she says:

"just the other day at school me, taylor and marcie were looking at this really, really old yearbo....i mean, this ummm....not really old yearbook.  i mean, ummm...when you were a sophomore...."


thank you sister.


  1. Before she knows it, SIS will be looking back on her yearbooks. You ARE getting old though you that you are an Aunt and everything!

  2. Skin's getting thin by the minute! ;)

  3. Oh please.
    I didn't mean it
    and you sound old talkin about feeling old

    Just sayin(: ily