Friday, February 19, 2010

friday favorite.

i don't know if anyone else has this same problem, but i am always looking for something to take for lunch.  i eat the same thing for two months straight and then i'm totally over it.

for the first few months i brought a salad each day.
then i moved on to corn.  i ate a can of niblet corn every day.  for at least two months.
then i moved to lentils.  wonderful, but not everyday.

so i've started trying to switch it up a little.
i have also started stalking everyone in the breakroom to see what they are eating for lunch.

two weeks ago i smelled something fabulous coming from the breakroom.  so i asked what it was and my coworker told me about amy's.

it's a company that makes all natural meals.  they make lots of frozen meals and she was eating the vegetable lasagna. 

well, i hate frozen meals.  just as much as i hate airplane food.  honestly, it's all i can do to swallow it without gagging.

but, because it smelled so good and was organic, i thought  i'd at least give it a try.


it's wonderful!

you should try it.


  1. I LOVE Amy's everything! My husband and I joke that we don't know who this Amy person is but we love her genius abilities. Seriously, her pizzas, tomato soup, burritos are all great! I'm glad you discovered something you like.

  2. I have never tried Amy's meals but I will. You make them sound so good!

    But, corn every day?

  3. I just had Amy's vegetable lasagna the other day for lunch! Yummy. her burritos are great too!

  4. Everything that I've ever tried of Amy's is fabulous. She also has a great line of canned soups, and ethnic foods (Indian and Mexican). The pot pies are also great.

  5. try nutela on a lightly salted rice cake its a yummy not to bad for you snack!