Monday, February 15, 2010


on friday night worker man and i headed out of town.  just for the night.

since we were taking a short trip, i tried to pack super light.  one pair of jeans, one jacket and two tops.  i knew i would need one friday night [since worker man was picking me up from work] and then one for the next day.

when worker man picked me up from work on friday afternoon i got in the car and immediately begin telling him how much i hated the dress i wore to work that day.  i told him i was throwing it away as soon as we got to the hotel and i could change clothes.

it was one of those cotton dresses from forever 21.  the kind that you wash like twice and then it's no good.  plus, it's got that stretchy band around the bottom that can go wrong if the dress isn't fitting right.

well, it was not fitting right.

i had a bubble butt.  with leggings and boots.

you're welcome for the cute mental image.

so, as soon as we get to our room i take off my dress and open my bag.


no jeans to be found.

i forgot my jeans!


so i put my bubble butt dress back on and we went to supper and a movie.

[by the way, the movie valentine's day, no good.  don't waste your money.]

and on saturday morning...

we took a trip to target.


  1. Oh no! I did the same thing when I was in NC for the summer before graduation but had to go home for my brothers HS graduation party since I couldn't go home for his actual graduation (I was the MOH in my best friends wedding the same day as his graduation). It was a quick weekend trip so I didn't pack much. I had an outfit ready to go for his party but ended up leaving it on my bed but had packed 2 dresses that I was decided between for the rehearsal dinner....yep, I ended up wearing a "fancy" dress for a backyard graduation party. It was nice! HA