Friday, December 4, 2009


after i got home from work the other day, i went to get something out of the refrigerator [i'm sure it was not a snack, i was probably starting to cook one of my gormet meals...ahem] and i noticed this newpaper clipping sitting on top of the fridge:

i kinda maybe [...okay, really] started laughing when i noticed what it was. worker man was in the sports flashback.  well, when workerman heard me laughing he defensively pointed out that this was a big deal. 

i was obviously not informed that this honor was such a...well, honor.

it was the first year that worker man was eligible because the earliest mention is from ten years ago.  so he was way excited that he got into the [sports flashback] the first year he was eligible.

wow, i really told his age there.

[just know i am much younger - in fact i think the phrase 'robbed the craddle' has been used a few times].

because worker man told me about how much of an honor this was, i thought i'd announce it to the blog world. 

the good news is that he has four more chances to be in the [sports flashback].

i'll keep you posted when grandpa sees himself in the sports flashback forty years from now and cuts a rug with his walker.

granted i'll probably have to blog about it from the nursing home.


  1. If you REALLY want to get excited, you can look through the BOX...of newspaper clippings! :)

  2. that is awesome! i love flashback fridays!

  3. obviously worker man did not carry his basketball skills to the mountains this weekend with his 0-4 free throws at half time basketball shoot

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