Thursday, November 5, 2009

wish list.

i can't believe that christmas is right around the corner.
seriously, it's so hard to believe.
i feel like this year has flown by.

and throughout this really quick year, my wish list has grown, and grown and grown.

please make sure you realize this is my wish list.  meaning, i know that i might not get a lot on here but hey, a girl can dream.  right?  
  1. Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac - is this a good choice?  not sure if i should go with elements or save up for the real deal??  any suggestions?
  2. 7 For All Mankind Jeans - 'Dojo' strech trouser (size 26)
  3. iPod Nano - the older model would be totally cool - don't yall think the newer ones are super shiney? weird.  i like both but i would assume that an older model is cheaper?
  4. Danskos - so many choices! i think these are my favorite color (size 39...i think)
  5. The Message on cd - i feel like this would be perfect for my long commute
  6. black converses - low top (size 8.5)
  7. Nike running shorts - love them! any of them really...but those are just a few i like :)
  8. Tall black boots - mine are worn out.  I wear them all winter long!
  9. Holey jeans - not sure i spelled that right :)  but you know what i mean!
  10. North Face Pullover - these are the best, for real!  make sure to check the kids section.  they are cheaper and an XL in kids fits me - so that's where i bought my first one :)
  11. Camera Strap - these are a few i like - but i think i like just about all of them!
  12. Patagonia Classic Retro-X fleece - again, a girl can dream, right??
  13. i plan to post my unending list of books i want soon.  those can definitely be added to the christmas list!
okay, i'm done.



  1. how does dave feel about this?

  2. I'm not sure DAVE likes it, but favorite mother-in-law does. By the way, *Ken*, do you accept late wedding gifts? Because I have a check for you and the wifey!

  3. we just got one in the mail yesterday so yes we do. did you all add interest for days it is late???