Friday, November 20, 2009

smith mountain lake.

we went with my family to smith mountain lake over halloween weekend.

my brother's birthday is a few days after halloween so we went to the lake to celebrate and just get away.

here's the birthday boy himself.  on friday night he opened presents but sadly i was being lazy and only got one, non-blurry picture from friday night.

the weekend was wonderful.
for real.

i can't even explain it.

on saturday we spent time hanging out down at the lake.




umm...being confused?
[and in need of a shower - at least me]

being crazy.

and watching fall.

we went to a place that had all kinds of little shops.

and a dock where there were a ton of fish.

worker man and casey spent about half an hour trying to catch one with their hands.

clearly it took a lot of concentration.

we went out on a boat for an hour.

here's the captain.

the reason we only stayed out for an hour?

because we were being pelted in the face by huge raindrops in 50 degree weather.
quite hilarious actually.

here are the manly men.
[well, maybe my brother and sister's bf, casey, were being manly. worker man?]

okay, seriously....the only picture i got of us two all weekend.
apparently i felt like make-up was optional.  maybe i should have reconsidered.

i drove everyone crazy with my camera.

colby and courtney [the gf].

on sunday morning we got up and did a devotion.

let me tell ya, everyone loved my camera.

worker man insisted that he put me through the same torture i was causing everyone else.

i stopped after that.

family time was awesome.

the view from the fabulous screened in porch was wonderful.

and this....

....was much needed.


  1. do you not remember that you look the same with or without make up?!?!
    <3 that scott family

  2. Love this blog! Love the people in this blog!
    This is love!


  3. Love this post and the pictures...especially the last one. great shot!