Friday, November 13, 2009


our bathroom closet has been in desperate need of some organization lately.

i'm embarrassed to even show you this!

the random assortment of baskets and containers.  junk everywhere.  no specific place for anything.

so, i went and bought the colored photo boxes from michaels.  
[they are on sale for $1.66 this week].

i labeled the boxes and added some ribbon to the jars and baskets.

i also came up with a system so all the towels don't get thrown up on that shelf with no particular spot.

i'm pretty happy with the results!

especially since it cost under $12.

hopefully this system will work.  
it has to be easy enough that everything ends up back in the right containers each morning without "cleaning up".

the true test will be how it looks after a week.


  1. GOOD GRIEF!!! Come do mine. I need to figure out how to know what size all the sheets are. LOVE that organization!!!!!!!!

  2. cute cute cute! love the ribbon touches. don't you miss having bright pink and orange towels though??

  3. It looks so cute! I love the colored boxes!

  4. i am going to buy some of those boxes! TONIGHT!

  5. nicely time...TAKE ME WITH YOU TO MICHAELS!