Monday, November 9, 2009

christmas organization.

how do you normally organize for christmas?

this year i am going to try something new. 

the christmas countdown plan from organized christmas.

a friend at work has done this the past few years and loves it.

here's the deal [straight from the website]:

Follow The Plan: During the Countdown, we'll follow a six-week organization plan from the last week in October through the first week in December. Goal: to complete holiday planning and preparations by the first weekend in December.

Six Weekly Themes: Each week has a special theme to focus Christmas organizing.

Week by week, we'll zero in on gift-giving, take charge of holiday budgets, organize Christmas cards, plan holiday meals and decorate for the holidays. Find each week's assignments at the weekly themes pages.

i'm starting two weeks late but i think i can catch back up.
i'm going to make a cute little binder [which makes everything better] and hopefully get on track this week.

 anyone with me?

i'd love to hear anything that works for you!