Tuesday, September 22, 2009


craziest thing happened today.

f.m.i.l called and let me a message telling me to call her right back.  she said she had something that she needed to tell me really fast.

so i call her back to find out this story.

she traveled to the city where worker man's sister lives to help her paint today since their family just moved to this city and bought a house.  they decided to take a break from lunch and go grab some mexican food. 

beside the restaurant was a cupcake shop where a friend of their family works.  so they decided to stop by and say hello. 

well, while they were waiting to talk to her, a girl walks up to them and says, " i know this is going to sound stalkerish but yall are graham craka's family, right?"

i think f.m.i.l was a little shocked and had to ask her to restate the question.
so she did and f.m.i.l affirmed that indeed, she is f.m.i.l.

she had recognized worker man's family from pictures on the blog.  she actually found me through kelly's korner when i did the show us your life post about our wedding.

so, yes, that is pretty awesome :)

plus, this makes it even more interesting...

this reader has just moved from delaware and just happened to move to our state in the city where my sister-in-law lives, where my mother-in-law happened to be with her at the same time delaware was in a cupcake shop to visit a family friend beside the mexican place where they ate lunch.

small world, huh?

delaware, you need to start a blog :)


  1. Delaware.......where are you???? Come out come out wherever you are!!!!!! So good to meet you. But really, how small a world is it????????????