Wednesday, June 10, 2009

State Champion!

my brother's girlfriend, c, played in her senior state championship games this past weekend and....

they won!

the whole team was pumped.

c actually hit a homerun during her last time at the plate and they won 1-0.

we went to eat after the last game and when c was walking toward the door, dad actually pulled off his shirt for her to walk on to get to the door.

pretty uncharacteristic.
that's obvious by c's face.

the waiters at chilis came to sing a congratulations song for winning :)

i'd say c was pretty stoked.


  1. Thank you Graham Crakas ....each and every one of you .... for supporting her. I completely missed the shirt...err red carpet gesture!! How precious.

    Again thanks for supporting #2 as she finished out her senior year on TOP!

    Love you all!

  2. C deserves all this and more. According to Mike "This girl has the whole package"!!

  3. that's awesome!! where did they play? my parents were announcing at a softball tourney around here this past weekend.

  4. No way!

    They played at Walnut Creek. It was the champioinship games for 1A-4A. Did they do it at Walnut Creek? Preetttty cool :) Hate I didn't see them!