Monday, June 15, 2009

the slammer.

we were at worker man's best friend's house on saturday night.
he built a house in an area that is soon to be developed.
until the development takes place his neighbors are a little on the rough side.

i noticed these pictures hanging on the fridge.

these have all been clipped from the slammer, a paper printed of the people who have recently been arrested.

these are neighbors.

you may notice that some of the pictures are of the same person.
he has been arrested multiple times with his picture in multiple prints of the slammer.

like i said...

...a little on the rough side.

{oh, and...he only has pink kitchenaid clips because he's getting married and his fiance brought them. not because he likes pink}


  1. JENNY,
    Please get back to SHOALS! We can move you guys in on Sat!
    love ya, Penny

  2. WOW.....

    Loving the pink clip...not so much the clippings...

    maybe...just maybe....ya'll should visit at your house until the development gets further along :\