Thursday, June 25, 2009


i'm sure all of you...

{ahem, all 15 of you}

...heard about the metro wreck in d.c. on monday.

when i was working at elon university, i worked with a guy named jamarl. during my time there, our whole staff became really close. jamarl moved to d.c. one month before i left elon.

i received this e-mail from him yesterday:

Good Morning,

I am so overjoyed this morning! Yesterday I left the office which is located in Takoma Park to get on the metro. I was running so fast trying to make the 5 o’clock red line train that goes to Fort Totten metro station. I recall running and seeing the train go pass me and thinking to myself I was a minute late from getting on that train. The train I almost boarded was the train that had the collision that you all have heard about on the news. I was one minute away from taking that train, God kept me! It’s something how a minute can make a difference. Let us keep the family of those that lost love ones and those that are injured. Please don’t take life for granted. Have a blessed day! When I saw the sun come up this morning a tear came down my face because I got to see a new day!

God is so good.


  1. Oh My Word! I heard you speak of Jamarl so many times. God has big plans for him. Yes. He. Does.

    Every morning is a blessing to me. As you get older, you start to realize how precious life is. Then suddenly your very own sister dies tragically and you realize even more how precious MINUTES are. One minute away from the train. Just ONE MINUTE. God truly is SO good.

    Good grief, this turned into a blog post.:)