Thursday, June 18, 2009


tonight worker man and i went on my ideal date night.

we went to hear chairman of the board and then walked around downtown greensboro taking pictures and just talking.

it was spectacular.

this is the only picture i took of us.
not good, i know...but i wanted a picture of us.

here are some pictures i took while we were walking around.


  1. I love downtown Greensboro. If I were single I would have to have one of the apartments downtown. We like the Mellow Mushroom, then Cheesecake by Alex for dessert.Yummy...Great place to walk and look. I worked for the Rhino Times years ago and loved going to work everyday just because I got to go downtown.

  2. You know Greensboro is where I want to live!!! Did you pick out a house for me??? Glad you had a great time. The picture of the flowers is AWESOME!!!

  3. Ahhhh...what fun!!!

    Gorgeous couple
    Greater Gboro
    Grooving band
    Gentle summer night
    Glorious date night
    Gleeful pictures

    (ok im out of G adjectives)

    Life's short...take advantage of every opportunity like this! Even D.Ramsey would say you can't afford lose these kinds of memories...they are priceless!

  4. um... these ROCK!!! i love my super artistic s&c girls!