Monday, May 11, 2009


where we live there is a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant called zacks.
it's a hamburger and hot dog joint.

worker man and i love to go there.

{i don't eat hot dogs or hamburgers but i love the buns with all the fixings}

the other night when we went, here's what/who i got to eat with.

worker man reading a homes & land magazine.

the entire.time we were on our high quality date night.

ahem, back to my story.


the dining part of this little wining and dining excursion of ours gets better.

here's what worker man had for supper.

umm, yes...

gag a maggot.

and, i just had to get a pic of the napkin.


so, i guess i've convinced all of you to come eat with us sometime, right?



we'll set a date.... tell me when


of course you know where.

my treat!


  1. If you get all the fixings on your wiener-less dog... do you still get the looks deadly! Is that your wrapper? or his? show us YOUR wrapper! :)

    Homes and Land magazine.....???? Ya'll should move to a small little community slightly northwest of Graham....called Shoals.... we would love to have you there! I'll bring the Welcome Wagon .... and the hotdogs!

  2. it looks yummy to me!!! can't wait to join ya'll, and your treat...even better :)

  3. This was before you came home to Shred, right?!! I'm holding you accountable. I need to know I'm not in this alone.