Tuesday, May 19, 2009

busy bee.

so i'm totally OCD.
i need everything to be organized before I can get anything done.
i'm the girl that has to make up the bed before i get in it to go to bed. my new job, this isn't really an option.

it's crazy busy. people are coming in and out. i'm trying to get 20 things done at once.

busy enough that at the end of the day i had to make a post-it note for the next day.

just so i could find where i left off in the pile of stuff.

needless to say....
i need a plan.


  1. you have about 5 post-it-notes in that first picture.. are they to do lists too?.....AND your mouse is on crack.....AND your peace lilly leaf is taking over your keyboard....AND I havent been around you NEAR enough lately! I miss you AND my cold office! But I have double filtered doo doo ball ice at my other crib! :)