Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So, I haven’t actually tried this yet which technically isn’t a Works for me Wednesdays. But, since I’m not technical and I’m hoping it works for me, I figured I’d throw it out anyway!

At work, four of us have decided that we are going to do a “Christmas Club”. We are going to start buying Christmas gifts NOW. I know that might seem a little crazy and irrational we we’ve got a plan! Here’s how it works.

We’re going to go every 2 weeks (it may change to only once a month) and buy one gift for someone. And then again, 2 weeks (or a month) later we’ll buy another gift. Even if this doesn’t take care of everyone on our lists, it’s at least a start. We’ll have about 10-20 gifts bought that we would have been stressing over at the last minute.

Now, my initial reaction was, "Oh that's a fabulous idea". Then, on second thought, I started wondering if maybe this would not be as productive as I’d imagined. I started worrying that I would buy a gift for someone and by December they would have already bought it for themselves OR they wouldn’t want it anymore and I couldn’t take it back because I bought it 8 months ago!

But, I’ve decided it will be great! I’m going to buy gifts for the easiest people and as Christmas gets closer and closer, I’ll work to find things for the people that are more difficult to buy for. I going to be buying gifts for my grandma, and aunts, etc who will be easier now and buy for my parents and brother and sister (who are more difficult and more specific) will be better to wait on.

I’m so excited about starting this. I know that it will be easier on the budget and the stress levels :)

I’ll keep you updated when we start!


  1. Let me know how this works. I LOVE the idea....

  2. Christmas is SO much easier when you spread the gift buying out over a year. That's why I started my Christmas gift making blog in January! :)

    I hope it truly does work for you!

  3. Your so smart Jenny! I think Dave would approve of that!