Tuesday, February 10, 2009

our version of a progressive supper.

Worker Man and I decided to go out for our Valentine's date on Saturday night because I will be at a fitness expo in South Carolina during Valentine's Day weekend. We wanted to do a progressive dinner so we got dressed up and headed to Chop House Grille for appetizers. Our plan was to go to Chop House of appetizers, Olive Garden for our main course and the Melting Pot for dessert. Such a great idea, right?!?

Well, at Chop House Worker Man ordered a cup of soup and I got spinach dip. We ate this and then left to head over to Olive Garden. When we got in the car we realized we were both so full from our appetizers we couldn't even make it to Olive Garden for supper and definitely not to the Melting Pot for dessert. So instead, we went to Target. So much for our nice, exciting, progressive dinner.

We'll have to fast for three days before the next time we do this!


  1. This is one way to make the gift cards last a long time.........Way to stretch your $. Again, Dave would be proud!

  2. I can not imagine the Laundry Nazi being full on 1 cup of soup...even if he did share the spinach dip.

    Next time you wanna do a progressive date...Hit a food can eat faster...and can get it all ingested 3 courses in BEFORE you get to that full feeling! In and out in less that 30 mins! Just make sure you pack a table cloth and a candle if you gonna dress up and all.

    Y'all are precious!!

    PS NOT let 2Shaye know about the Melting Pot....she's Dying to go there! She has 2 fondue pots of her very own....she should bring them with her the next time and ya'll can do your own fondue!