Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lent, no not the belly button kind.

Worker Man’s sister, Gretchen, is in town this week with my sweet, sweet niece, EC. Last night all of us were talking about Lent coming up. Everyone in my family has always given something up from Ash Wednesday until Easter as a way of recognizing the temptation that Jesus went through for 40 days in the desert. It is a very tangible way of recognizing the sacrifice that God made and the temptations that Jesus experienced by sacrificing something that is important to you during the 40 days.

Well, we were talking about what I could give up and my father-in-law mentioned that I could give up his cooking.

Gretchen’s response…

“Umm…no…I think that would be called fasting. And I don’t think it would be very healthy to fast for 40 days straight”

I must say, she’s right.