Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Works for Me Wednesdays!

I’ve never been a great card-giver. For birthdays I’m always the one that gives a present without a card. Number one, I hate to spend $5 on a Hallmark birthday card that’s just going to be thrown away. And, number two, I never think to go out and stock up on I have to buy one on the way to the party.
When I married into Worker Man’s family I was introduced to the most brilliant idea. His mom gives each of her daughter/daughter-in-laws a Hallmark box from Costco. This box is filled with cards for every occasion but they’re not the lame-o cards that normally come in a variety box. They are like, awesome cards. There are always a lot of 3-D cards and pop-up cards and all kinds of neat stuff. Each year, she will buy them at Costco and replenish our supply. It definitely works for me!

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