Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wii-in' it!

Worker Man and I went round and round about what we should get each other for Christmas. We realized that everything we were going to be asking for was practical and that's just no fun.
So, we decided to get each other a Wii for Christmas.

It was such a great idea. It has been sooo fun!!

The other night, two of my S&C girls came and we played Wii Fit for a while.

KC attempting to head a soccer ball.

MJ also making the attempt.

About a month ago, we had Leslie and Brad over for supper.

I never got a picture of Brad playing but here's a picture of him hanging out.

Worker Man boxing...

Leslie workin' it. She was NO joke.

We also took it to my parent's house when we got it. This was our first night on the Wii Fit Board so it took everyone a while to get used to it.

Worker Man about to fall off.

Me trying to ski. I think I get a little too into it.

SL picking her nose/playing the Wii. She'll appreciate this picture, I'm sure.

And, I'm sorry to have to post this but I need for y'all to understand our dedication/addiction:

Colby (my brother) gave Worker Man some Wii boxers for Christmas.


  1. Where is FMIL and FFIL??? We are world famous for our Wii skills!

  2. Jenny! I finally found your blog and I'm loving it, except for the fact that I missed out on some s&c/wii bonding. Missing you!