Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am just like my mother...

One night last week I bought some bananas. The next morning I threw one in my purse to eat for a snack at work. The day after that, I threw a banana in my bag for a snack. When I pulled the banana out on the second day, I started thinking about whether I had eaten my banana the day before. I couldn't remember if I had actually eaten it so I looked through my bag and couldn't find it. So, I assumed I had eaten it.

During the past week I have pulled multiple things from my bag and caught a whiff of banana. I thought it was strange but figured that maybe it smelled like that because I had been carrying bananas in my bag to work.

Today, I realized my bag was a little out of control. It seriously had to weigh half a ton. So, before getting out of the car to meet a friend for lunch, I grabbed a full water bottle out of the purse to at least take out some of the unnecessary weight. When I grabbed the bottle it felt wet and I just knew that water must have leaked all in the bottom of my bag. I felt around the lid on the bottle but it was tight. But, everything I pulled out of my bag had this liquid on it. I smelled it and all the sudden it hit me, it had to be the banana. It smelled like banana.

I knew it had to be in there but I couldn't find it anywhere. So, I took everything out of my bag and started pulling the inside layer (which is black) out of the bag.

And there it was.

Stuck on the bottom of my purse.

Camouflaged with the inside layer of my bag (BLACK).


As I reached for it, I actually had to peel part of it off the lining.

I can't imagine when I have kids. There's no telling what will be in my bag.


  1. Under Vicki's seat in her car one time was a half eaten waffle...syrup and all, that Joy had left under there like a mnnth before. Nice.