Friday, November 14, 2008

i make dreams come true.

Worker Man and I took a weekend trip to Grandfather Mountain. It was absolutely perfect. It was a gorgeous day.

We stopped at the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival on our way which was so much fun. We got FMIL a bag of mountain apples (something she loves) and just looked around. There were a RIDICULOUS number of booths there! We also got to eat some nice, greasy, festival food. The potato ring thingys are my favorite.
Then, we headed on to Grandfather Mountain. I haven’t been up there in years and Worker Man had never been. They had a nature area that I didn’t remember. We stopped there first.

Then, we headed up to the top.

On our way how we decided to ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway to get home. While we were riding, we passed a sign that said "Linn Cove Viaduct". We were discussing what it could be and all of the sudden Worker Man started having what seemed like a seziure. Finally, he was able to scream out "It's the thingy!!!"

WHAT THINGY? I had NO clue what he was talking about. I realized we were riding over a bridge but I wasn't sure what was so exciting. When he finally pulled his thoughts together, he was able to explain that he had watched something on discovery channel (yes, he’s dorky like that) about how this viaduct was constructed. Apparently he mentioned something to me after watching the show about wanting to see it one day.

I’m glad I was able to make his dream come true.

I forgot to mention earlier that he was not thrilled to be going to the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival. Although he was a good sport, I didn’t get to see these expressions until after his dream came true:
We took my mom’s cabrio convertible (not really a manly car) so that we could enjoy the beautiful day. He was on a little high after seeing the viaduct and proceeded to stick his head above the windshield. I think he only swallowed a couple of bugs. I figure it was good protein.
Needless to say, the day was successful.


  1. I laughed my head off!! Can you make MY dream come true???

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  3. Leslie has a blog!

  4. LOVE IT!!! We've never been to Grandfather mountain....looks beautiful!

  5. Wow, your the woman! Able to get what you want and make worker man's dream come true!

  6. So fun!! all the time he has been to the mountains and never been there!! We need to all make a trip to boone together...As ASU alumni, I love the parkway and any excuse to go visit!! :) It was good to see you guys tonight!