Friday, October 31, 2008

tag, you're it.

Working at a private university has it's benefits. Free classes, free money for lunches, nice dining halls, and GIVE AWAYS!

One of the guys went to the gym during lunch about a month ago and came back with two sticks of TAG deodorant and handed them to me. He told me to take them to Worker Man.

Well, since we were meeting his parent's for supper that night, I pulled them out of my bag and presented one to FFIL(Favorite Father-in-law) and one to Worker Man. FFIL took his and pretended to like it. Worker Man didn't even pretend.

Since then, the TAG deoderant has traveled many places. Because Worker Man feels like my bag is a dumping ground for anything he doesn't want to carry, anything he wants to throw away, and anything he wants to sneak into a movie, he proceeded to throw the TAG deodorant into my bag. Later that night, FMIL and I were on our way to bible study and I found the TAG is my bag. So, I took it out and placed it on the console in her car.

About a week later, she tried to give us back the TAG again by handing it to us (in her car) for me to put in my bag to take home. Well, I handed it to Worker Man because my bag was not going to be the dumping ground for this little stick of joy again. He quietly slipped it into FMIL's go-bag (A bag that stays at her door or in her car full of things that she needs to return/take with her).

Fast forward to about three weeks later

Last weekend on our way to PA, FMIL was digging in her go-bag and what to her wondering eyes did appear but the wonderful, joyous TAG!

Clearly, she was not too thrilled about the little surprise.

Maybe the giveaways aren't the best part of working here. I guess I'll have to resort to the $18 half hour massages and free gym membership.


  1. Put a massage in my *to go* bag...and you'll never see it again!!! love, FMIL

  2. This is hilarious! I think you've been tagged should become a tradition.